Day 21/30: How time flies…

21st of April is an important date in my family. Like with any family, the birth of a new baby is a much celebrated occasion. On the 21st of April 1997 my family were blessed with welcoming, not one, but two little boys into our family. My sister gave birth to very tiny little twins. It was a long awaited day, one that we as a family, never thought would happen. She had quite a battle trying to conceive, which involved rounds of IVF, so we didn’t really believe it was happening until the boys arrived into this world. This year the little boys turned 16. I just don’t know where that time is gone. It’s crazy to think that 16 years ago how tiny they were and that they weighed less than 1.5kg each. I had a massive cringe moment though when I went to see them, I was standing by an incubator looking at a child thinking it was one of the twins, and said to my brother in law “he’s really cute” as soon as he walking into the neonatal itensive care unit, only for him to say “they’re over here”, pointing to the opposite side of the room.

Anyway here is a pic of them on the day the were born, they look a lot bigger and healthier these days! What a blessing they are!



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