Day 24/30: Pranking the parents!

This is totally hilarious. I’ve spent a good 5 minutes chuckling at these. On Wednesday comedian Nathan Fielder asked his fans to text their parents a cryptic message alluding to a drug deal underway. Text “got 2 grams for $40”, Fielder instructed his twitter followers to write to their parents before texting a second message immediately after to them reading: “Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you.” Followers were then asked to “tweet pic of their response”.

This is a selection of my favourite responses. I was almost tempted to do this to my parents, but I live with mine, so it wouldn’t really have the same comedy value. Go ahead and have a chuckle!

Prank 1 Prank 2 Prank 3 Prank 4 Prank 5 Prank 6 Prank 7



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2 responses to “Day 24/30: Pranking the parents!”

  1. onecoolsoul says :

    That is funny as hell!

  2. onecoolsoul says :

    Reblogged this on My Journey as a Writer. and commented:
    I had to rye log this, Funny as hell.

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