10 things you didn’t know about lil kunj!

I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from the wonderful Katie over at Into the Stratosphere (check out her blog btw, it’s awesome stuff!) and thought I’d do a post which I hope allows you all to get to know me a bit better and get a lil insight in to the world of lil kunj!

So here goes, 10 things you didn’t know about lil kunj:

1. First and most importantly my name is Kunjshri, and literally no one calls me that (apart from the odd teacher at school), not even my parents. Can you believe they have never ever addressed me as Kunjshri, like ever!

2. I can’t ride a bike. My parents never bought me one, hence I never learned. On the other hand I had an awesome tractor tricycle thing from John Lewis and it was literally the best. It had a little trailer and everything and I could put all my toys in it and ride it around the garden in the summer

3. When I was younger (around 7ish) I really hated being a girl and I just wanted to be a boy. Not because I’m confused about my gender or anything, it’s just that I hated the fact that girls were seen as weaker and I wanted to be totally kick ass like Rocky. Also boys toys were way cooler, like cars, guns and Action Man. Boys sports were cooler, like football and boxing. I guess I’m a bit rough, tomboyish and love being competitive and ballet just didn’t cut it for me to be honest. Anyway just to let you all know, I’m not confused about my gender and now absolutely love being a girl. In fact I’m probably a really girly girl however I still love Boxing etc and if I could be an actress I would go for some role like Lara Croft Tomb Raider, as that’s totally sexy but has the whole strong, fearless woman thing going on. Yay to Girl Power!

4. When I was 11 I had just discovered sports clothes, and thought I was totally the height of fashion and epitome of cool donning a neon green Rebok jacket and bright orange Kappa shorts. Yep, massive cringe.

5. The most difficult moment of my life was saying goodbye to my grandfather. I was 15 at the time. He lived in India and the last time I saw him was in summer 2002, at the time he had stage 4 prostate cancer and only had a couple of months to live (sadly he didn’t have treatment as he only started showing symptoms in the final stages). I spent my summer holiday with him in India before starting year 10, knowing it would be the last time I would see him. I remember hugging him and saying goodbye to him and getting on the train to Delhi. I cried my eyes out, because I knew that would be the last time I would ever see him. Sadly he passed away 4 months later. To this day as soon as I think about this moment, it instantly brings tears to my eyes. I always say to my friends cherish all your family, make time for them, laugh with them and learn from them as you never know what the future holds.

6. No guy fancied me properly till the age of 17, so I spent my teenage years convinced that I was a minger and that no one would ever find me attractive

7. I can squat my old housemate who weighs 96kg on my back and do at least 10 squats, even when intoxicated! Everyone thinks this is amazing especially as I only weigh 44kg

8. I found out the other day that my great great great great great great great great grandfather from my dad’s side lived in a village called Shahpura which now falls under modern day Pakistan. So as a result I’ve gone and purchased a Pakistan flag, which I can now add to my collection of India and England flags! When it comes to cricket I can be a bit cheeky, carrying all three flags and wave the flag of whichever team is winning!

9. I hardly wear any make up. The first time I wore foundation was when I was 20 only because I was in a fashion show at uni that my housemate organised and she insisted on experimenting with make up on me.

10. I really like snakes, yeah don’t ask, but I just think they’re really cute!

Best things in life are free


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One response to “10 things you didn’t know about lil kunj!”

  1. Lady Kate says :

    Aww yay, I am glad I inspired you 🙂 I loved getting to know you a little better!

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