So, I might be a shoeaholic?!

My dad made me do this yesterday. I feel a little bit bad after having seen my whole collection, especially the fact that I know that at least 6 pairs of shoes are missing from what you can already see! I’ve also thrown quite a lot of shoes away as well over the past few months, but as my dad quite rightly said, no one needs that many shoes. What do you guys think? Do I have a problem?



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3 responses to “So, I might be a shoeaholic?!”

  1. fashtonishing says :

    Wow, so many shoes!

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  2. Amber says :

    If I would do this, it would look exactly the same! My mom made me promise not to buy shoes for a year and it’s so hard! But in July I can finally buy more shoes. I think a woman can never have enough shoes 😉

  3. KingUvdaStreet Urban Clothing says :

    Looks like my girlfriends collection!!! lol I agree with your dad “no one needs that many shoes”. But If only my girlfriend would agree. Its like she has an obsession with collecting shoes and not throwing old ones away. I had a nightmare that i was drowning her at shoes one night cuase i was upset that they were starting to go into my space. i guess its just a girl thing but then again what do guys know about girls stuff!! lol

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