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lil kunj’s first sports photography attempt: India vs S.Africa, ICC Champions Trophy Opening Match

Good morning! I hope all you lovely readers are doing splendidly and are looking forward to the weekend. Lil kunj has been out of action for a while, sadly I’ve been slaving away at work and working silly hours (6am starts and 4am finishes, due to not so optional “networking”) in order to get a […]

Day 15/30: Bath in Fashion 2013

Bath in Fashion

I don’t really know how I missed this, but for the past 3 years Bath have been holding a fashion week?!For those of you based in and around the west country and who take a keen interest in fashion this week sees Bath holding it’s 4th annual fashion week. One of the highlights includes a photographic exhibition at the Octagon, Mouvements de Femmes: Norman Parkinson by Roland Mouret. Yeah, you heard me right! Also it’s free :).  So if you have an hour or two to spare and are in the area, then head down and have a look at what’s on offer. There are workshops, pop up shops, exhibitions including 50 Fabulous Frocks and Art in Fashion. Bath in Fashion is on until 21st April.

For a full Bath in Fashion 2013 events listing and ticket information see

Day 8/30: INDIA!!

I guess you guys all thought that this was going to be a post about my recent travels. Sorry to disappoint! Being Indian and all, I’m a bit of a stereotypical cricket buff, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get tickets for the ICC Champions Trophy matches that are being held in UK this year.

I was trying to get my hands on the much-coveted India vs. Pakistan tickets, however sadly they sold out before I even got into the ticket portal, so I’m having to make do with India vs. South Africa. Not my top choice, however I can’t really complain about seeing the motherland playing a spot of cricket on British soil.

I know the match is a while away, but I’m not the kind of girl to miss an opportunity to wear flag themed attire!

So, me being me, I got a little excited and started googling Indian flag themed dresses. Can you believe that on Google images there is only one dress? It’s not like the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes, where you can get a range of themed attire. This got me wondering why is this the case and whether it was a cultural thing, so me being the geek that I am I decided to investigate the assistance of detective Google. There’s flag code of India, which is a set of laws that govern the use of the Indian flag!  Bet you guys didn’t know that! There’s a list of  how you can and can’t use the Indian flag! One of the rules is that you are not allowed to wear the flag on clothing that sits below the waist, so no Indian flag themed shorts for me :(.

Anyway it encouraged me to get my creative side out and try and design my own Indian flag themed dress. Yep that’s right, I haven’t sewn anything since my year 9 school days, but that’s right, you’ve heard it, I’m going to design and sew a dress myself and a mighty fine dress it’ll be!!

I can’t decide whether I just have too much time on my hands, whether I’m trying to explore other interests/hobbies or whether this inspiration has come from the complete lack of Indian flag themed attire. I’ve decided to draw some inspiration from current Union Jack themed dresses and am in the process of drawing out various designs! Obviously me being the goody that I am, I’m not going to disrespect the flag rules! Anyway have a gander at these Union Jack dresses that I’m using as inspiration.

UJ 2

The Infamous Union Jack Dress and a more modest alternative

UJ 1 UJ 3 UJ 4 UJ 6

The only Indian flag dress I could find :(

The only Indian flag dress I could find 😦

Day 7/30: Ka-Boom!

This was a little post that I was supposed to post up a while ago before I went to India.  View Art Gallery Bristol was host to a funky pop art exhibition earlier this year, aptly named Ka-Boom. The exhibition drew on creativity from the comic book universe, bringing together an explosive show of dynamic […]

Wonder: Art and Science on the Brain @ The Barbican; Embrace your Inner Geek

It’s not very often you come across festivals that focus on the brain and neurosciences. Yeah guys, you heard me right, THE BRAIN!!!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with my background, I’m a brain geek. I love the brain and everything associated with it. Well almost everything! I have a masters in Epilepsy! […]

lil kunj’s event alert: Nike Fuel Sessions with House of Holland & Nicola Roberts @ Selfridges

So my first post in like a month, feeling a bit bad about that 😦

It’s for those of you who dwell in London town and have an hour or two to spare tomorrow evening and want to do something a bit different, head on down to Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges, Oxford Street. They are doing an event starting from 6pm which DJ sets from House of Holland and Nicola Roberts (didn’t realise she DJ’d tbh), nail art by Wah Nails, NIKE + challenges and complimentary refreshments.

Event starts at 6pm and runs till 9pm. Get there early as its on a first come first serve basis.

Also if it’s rubbish you can always leave as there are many places around the area that can keep you entertained.

lil kunj attends Nike Training Club class with Serena Williams

After being away from London I forgot about some of the amazing opportunities it offers. So for this one is for you fitness buffs out there and those of you who have the intention of getting fit too! Nike has this AMAZING initiative called Nike Training Club UK (NTC). It’s a women’s fitness community offering […]