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Photography by Karim Nafani

The other day I was admiring the work of Karim Nafani, a commercial airline pilot and photographer based in Dubai. He has a keen interest in taking photos of what the world looks like from above, so as well as taking photos from the cockpit, he also climbs to the top of skyscrapers and buildings […]

10 things you didn’t know about lil kunj!

I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from the wonderful Katie over at Into the Stratosphere (check out her blog btw, it’s awesome stuff!) and thought I’d do a post which I hope allows you all to get to know me a bit better and get a lil insight in to the world of lil kunj! […]

Art by Hideyuki Nagai

Lil kunj is back after a well deserved break since completing April’s challenge. Just so you know I’m totally flopping on May’s challenge of trying to exercise everyday, let’s just say my body would not be very unhappy if I tried to catch up on a couple of days of missed workouts in one go! […]

Day 11/30: The ruins of Nalanda, Bihar photofest

Here’s another selection of unedited photos of the ruins of Nalanda, the world’s most ancient university. Again this little historical and architectural gem is found in Bihar, a couple of hours drive from Bodh Gaya. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s not as developed as the main cities, but there are improvements! I […]

Day 7/30: Ka-Boom!

This was a little post that I was supposed to post up a while ago before I went to India.  View Art Gallery Bristol was host to a funky pop art exhibition earlier this year, aptly named Ka-Boom. The exhibition drew on creativity from the comic book universe, bringing together an explosive show of dynamic […]

Day 6/30: Monkey Orchids

Monkey Orchids

Monkey Orchids: Image compiled by Beware of Images.

Came across this image on I f**king love science’s Facebook page. I’m one of these girls who’s not a massive fan of flowers, but I thought these little orchids were just marvellous! I would totally invest in them if they didn’t pong of poop :(.  There’s a description below from the Facebook Page, I don’t know how accurate it is, but I think it covers the basics.

“These incredible looking flowers are monkey orchids. There are two species shown here, Dracula simia (the ones that look like monkey faces) and Orchis simia (which resemble little dancing monkeys).
Dracula simia are only found in the cloud forests of southeastern Ecuador at elevations of 1000 to 2000 meters and their flowers smell likes ripe oranges. Orchis simia are found in Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia, Asia Minor and Iran and the flowers smell strongly of feces! “

Day 27/30: lil kunj admires Art Wolfe’s work “Vanishing Act”

Another gem courtesy of the Daily Mail. This time they draw our attention to the works by wildlife photographer Art Wolfe. Mr Wolfe has spent 35 years roaming every continent, snapping up wildlife at it’s most invisible. To read the article click here. Here are my favourite snaps, see if you can spot the animal. […]